Eric Church - Crazyland (Official Lyric Video)

Joylandi 27-Avg, 2020
The official audio video for Eric Church’s, “Crazyland”

Listen to Eric Church’s latest music:

Let me take your hat friend
Tell me what’s the matter
Round here folks call me the mad hatter
That’s Sad in the corner with his heart on his sleeve
Talking to Regret who’s never gonna leave
Over there playing pool is Fool and Lost
And tending bar tonight that’s All My Fault
We all just hang out and listen to Blues
Sing his songs cause there nothing else to do in
Since she said goodbye
It’s been crazy man
Lunatics, liars and also-rans
Waiting on her leaving to come back again
Here in Crazyland
Talking t\o yourself is the only plan
Giving up on your last give a damn
Here in Crazyland

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  • Smell yeah

  • Eric Church, someone reached out to me on my last comment, representing as yourself. Left a phone number and wanting to "talk more better" thinking it wasn't you. Please make Bad Mother Trucker a single for all us lady gear jammers....pretty please...

  • This song is under rated. One of his best he has put out over quarantine if you ask me

  • 😍🤩🥳❤️ Another one! ❤️it! I can’t believe how many amazing songs he has. You would think statistically he can’t keep this impeccable tract record up or going but he does and I always end up with my Foot In my mouth! Also this man can do a number pulling on my heart strings! I will never forget when I heard “Lightning” for the first time! WOwww! I will never forget that feeling and very few have that impact or gift and he is definitely one of the very few! ❤️you Erik! Your such a badass!

  • Perfect

  • There are no words. Except thank you my man. For all of it.🍀

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • ...yep

  • Every songs he sings turns into gold

  • Play this song in a mental hospital😝

  • From radio garden to yt channel . Eric love

  • 3 months today... Oh well

  • ❤❤❤


  • Awesome song 🎵

  • Does the last line have significance? I can’t figure it out lol

  • I'm not much for sharing but will say I've been through a lot hell for years, more than anyone could usually bare. I shouldn't be alive. Feels like these songs have hit me at just the right times, and helped in part to get me through. We all go through tough times, and sometimes its just right place at right time. That's how music helps, right song right time. Guess all I'm saying is thank you Chief. Keep at it, we all got a ways to go and probably more hell to go through, we need the music.

  • Love love love Eric Church greatest artist ever. Biggest fan Pat gentry.

  • God has me, his plan.

  • I felt this on spiritual level. 😅😌

  • What a beautiful song 💖💖

  • let me take you hat freind tell me what’s the matter pepole around here call me the mad hatter

  • Anyone else think the her in this song is Lady Liberty?

  • Thank you for getting me through some of my most hard times

  • 1:55-2:20 gives me benmont tench vibes

  • 2020 was more than crazy! Cheers to 2021 friends!!!

  • Eric Church is # 1 Eric's Music is my Thereby is things go and are crazy Eric Church's Music is my Comfort

  • Best by far!! Hands down. . .the way the words roll out his mouth. . . .the depth of the gift is bottomless. . .god bless this man!

  • The best all around!

  • This came out when I was going through a heartbreak, this made me feel better

  • Totally agree people who live their lives in bars drinking their lives away. That is grassland.

  • This sing is pretty good, but one thing, this is too short :(

  • Great song and artist! Keeping country, COUNTRY!!

  • Great simple song

  • 💯💃💃💃😇

  • ❤️💯🎶❤️

  • Eric is STUNNING 💝💝

  • Can't wait for the rest of of the latest CD. Eric is such great artist.

  • Congratulations on your win tonight!!! Love you like a "wrecking ball"...thank you for "cleaning up"!

  • Hey guys! I just posted a cover this on my page. It would mean a ton of you checked out. Peace, from a fellow sinner

  • U know I live were u play this song some pissed I love good music I have no problem getting a record turn off UZfire because it control my some one mouthy brats

  • He’s amazing

  • Hope like hell you make a video to this awesome.. amazing. wonderful song ❤️💜💞


  • Love al people

  • No comment love always

  • ... a conversation with love lost, better options and reality...

  • Can someone please explain these lyrics to me, I’ve listened about 30 times now and still trying to find the deep meaning especially those last 2 lines

    • @Carter M oh shit

    • When you realise "Crazyland" is his own brain and they're all just gets better.

    • @SeductiveOrange gotcha that makes more sense

    • They’re the feelings that a guy feels after a breakup except they’re personified to represent people in a bar. And at the end it turns out that the guy he’s talking to is a new feeling called “Baby please come back.”

  • This song describes my life to a T at the moment....

  • Im still trying to understand those last 2 lines, can anyone explain


  • Soooooooo true

  • Him and Chris Stapleton

  • I love this song

  • I almost drove myself crazy hitting the repeat button on the other couple of songs Chief has recently released..... and I’ve been blown away every time he puts a new song out by his amazing talent and song writing ability... But this song has floored me because I live this everyday and have for the last 3 months. I would like to say that I don’t c how he could get any better but he takes it to higher level every time! Knock em dead CHIEF. U R THE MAN!!!

  • He's great all the way around

  • 🎶♥️🎶

  • This better be the next single off of this album after stick that in your country song is done

    • This would NEVER get played on country radio, so get that thought out of you head.

  • obsessed with everything you do

    • Woah 🤭🤭🤭 thanks for loving and. Listening to my music dear I would love to know you more if you don't mind dear

  • This new album is gonna be the best one yet church is simply the best

  • 📷👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Cep up the good work

  • Are my favorite DUDE

  • You are so cool good do not STOP

  • Gotta always have Faith in Jesus Christ, brings peace ! I agree it's crazyland! Blessings to you and your family ✝️ Theresa Rose 🌹❤ 🌹

  • I just relised that the names are emotions that's good

  • Love it plane n simple thanks n keep it up

  • I agree

  • Talking to yourself, is your only plan.

  • I totally agree the very best

  • Eric Church n wheeler Walker jr.. enuff said.

  • Cody jinks !

  • Goddam I love Eric church

  • Great song

  • lyrical genius

  • Eric Church is a musical genius 👍 never disappoints

  • I'm a Crazyfan

  • Certified bonified badass

  • its a calmer version of kill a word

  • One of the only reasons we still actually have actual country music. Y'all better say thank you.

  • Thank you EC, for everything you've done for country music.

  • Amd of course JESUS IS COMING BACK FOR SHE DOES💙✌✌🙏🌏

  • Hey mr church, im a best fan from beginning. Long line is sinners, cuz I come from an outlaw family from daddy. And godly from mom and grand Cherokee mom.

    • Woah 🤭🤭🤭 thanks for loving and. Listening to my music dear I would love to know you more if you don't mind dear

  • Every single song Eric church wrote I’ve had a connection with. This one, as a bartender, is truthful but I wish he had a positive message from these people. Kenny Chesneys the Good Stuff is a great example. I’m gonna go back into work tomorrow and serve every character from crazy land but If one of them has me thinking bout the good stuff it’s a good night. In all I think crazyland could be an album about stuff like this .

  • 🥰😀🥰😀🥰😀

  • His talent in songwriting ages like a fine wine.


  • I just love the beginning I don’t know why it’s just so good right out the start

  • Not finna lie this is a good song

  • imagine dragons natural

  • I absolutely love this song

  • I haven't memorized the words yet, but this melody! Can't get it out of my head.

  • Once again... Completely relatable 💯

  • Best song ever I thought it would be that love chese

    • Woah 🤭🤭🤭 thanks for loving and. Listening to my music dear I would love to know you more if you don't mind dear

  • everything this man does is incredible

  • how? how did he know my life so well.... just when i thought i couldn't love him more. damn.

  • Best of his time! Church, Stapleton, Combs

  • This song is quickly becoming one of my favs..and there are many! Every time it plays I catch something different than before. The piano chords at 2:10 are genius giving even more depth to the song. Brilliant Chief!!

  • Waiting on her leaving to come back again! That hit hard

    • Take em all to church ol son!! He's today's mondern day outlaw to country music just like Waylon he's doing things and recording songs albums his way

    • True story

  • Wow look at all the fake ppl learning from someone that how much they are annoying but ask me it looks like a bunch of fake bi****