Eric Church - Through My Ray-Bans (In Studio Performance)

Joylandi 19-Noy, 2020
The official studio video for Eric Church’s "Through My Ray-Bans".
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Music video by Eric Church performing Through My Ray-Bans (Studio Video). An EMI Nashville Production; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • I!kn,

  • Omg

  • Lord send 🙏 and strength

  • Amazing!

  • Y'all are breath taking!!

  • Eric Church speaks to your soul, he is a great singer!!

  • This guy right here man he just keeps knocking them out of the park

  • Love his voice could hang out with him forever .

  • Love ❤️ UR Zong


  • People actually like this fake country accent singer?

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  • Lyrics: Yeah, I know a place where kings and paupers Drink with the dreamers and the cheaters and the longers And the dealers deal aces from a loaded stack of cards Now what if I told you a place existed Where the magic in the air tastes like moonlight on the lips And no hand in the deck beat a pair of hearts Everybody's got their arms around Everybody else's shoulders Guarding against the world outside Like an army of Friday night soldiers The battle wages tomorrow But tonight you don't give a damn Wish you could stay the way I see you Through my Ray-Bans Ooh, woo ooh, ooh Ooh, woo ooh, ooh I see a place where a moment in time Is a kaleidoscope of color on a canvas of white Where the voices roar at the noise of the poet's whine Would you believe my story, oh, about what I'm selling If I told you the tale I'm in the middle of telling It's as true as the blue in the grass or the green in the sky Everybody's got their arms around Everybody else's shoulders Guarding against the world outside Like an army of Friday night soldiers The battle wages tomorrow But tonight we don't give a damn Wish you could stay the way I see you Through my Ray-Bans Ooh, woo ooh, ooh Ooh, woo ooh, ooh Everybody's got their arms around Everybody else's shoulders (ooh, woo ooh, ooh) Guarding against the world outside Like an army of Friday night soldiers The battle wages tomorrow But tonight we've got a drink in our hand Wish you could stay the way I see you Through my Ray-Bans Ooh, woo ooh, ooh, woo ooh Ooh, woo ooh, ooh, woo ooh Ooh, woo ooh, ooh, woo ooh Ooh, woo ooh, ooh, woo ooh

  • Fabulous love his music

  • My weird conception of country where guns are registered an that it.

  • Love this song.

  • No hand in the deck can beat a pair of hearts❤️❤️

  • The songs from this new project album have been amazing. Heart and souls + Hell of a view. they are great.

  • Well Eric, You're gonna need your Ray-Bans for when the weather gets warmer. Trust me. Right now it's 66 degrees and cloudy ⛅.

  • Spiritually Calming ✨💚✔️

  • 🙏🌌❤️✨☀️❤️✨🌌✨☀️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Great song

  • He so beautiful. The band is amazing ❤

  • Beatiful song!

  • LOVE

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Nothing but respect can’t wait for for these 🔥 albums 🙏🙌

  • Storm rages tomorrow but tonight we don't give a damn......hell yes!!!!

  • Simply AMAZING!! Talk about goosebumps and tears!!!! WOW!!

  • just purley magical

  • i love all youe songs

  • My new favorite song....can't get enough of his voice!!!

  • Most of all Americans (including me) can not afford Ray-Bans....js

  • Can't wait to hear this song live!

  • Beautiful song 🎶 Awesome video ❤️

  • 💖💖💖💖, plus je l'écoute + je l'aime !!!!!!

  • So much talent you keep doing what you're doing

  • When you look up the word 'Talent' in the dictionary, you should simply see a picture of Eric Church. #FanForLife

  • Hands down Eric Church is my absolute favorite artist.

  • Luxottica bought out Ray Bans, so why is Ray Bans still so appealing?

  • Sounds amazing while driving. It's cool and relaxing.

  • good song man like holy shit

  • These guys are so real world the studio in the sticks isn't even heated throughout

  • I'm gonna have to agree this is by far the Best Work He and his band Have Ever Done . It's Different The world is Different this Is What The World Needs. Thank you Mr. ERIC F.... ing. CHURCH.

  • 🎶♥️🎶

  • Why do I not "hear" this on the "radio"? WTH?!

  • Looking at All of what Eric and the Band have done for us in preparation for when we are allowed to press Play after a long Pandemic pause. That wrote and recorded for 28 days last February and from that they give to us Heart & Soul. What other artist in any genre has EVER Done that. To further that he tells us to expect a North American tour. Well now Church Choir members and all of Eric's Followers WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER. When you are at your Tour Stop Venue that Night you MUST give the Band EVERY OUNCE OF YOUR SOUL. I say this because you know each One of the Band, Support Crew, Sound and Lighting Engineers, EVERYONE INVOLVED, Especially Eric, is giving ALL OF THEMSELVES. I look forward to seeing and hearing Each and Every One of You at the Show.

  • I just whispered this song out loud, to my neighbor. I love you Eric. Your music 🎶 is EVERYTHING. (The loud mustang engine didn't rattle her Ray-Bans.) But me enjoying your music on a low medium level, irrated her. I wish she could see life through OUR, ray bans. 🤪😂🤪😂

  • Church has such a great voice and crafts a sound with lyrics that strikes at the heart and head. It’s like seeing an old friend that you have known for years and when you run into him it’s like no time has passed and you pick right back up where you where.. Eric is just one of the best song writers in music today. Not just country but any form of music as far as I’m concerned. He does not have a lot of numbers ones, but he has more unique, original and rememberable songs than most Country Singers with 50 years don’t have as many I’d know. I’m same with Kip Moore, their music is always original and that leaves a lasting memory when it comes to separating out the noise

  • Love you guys ❤️

  • 1 of his best songs ever!! I love everything that he does!! ❤

  • This is the best love song to Eric's fans. I love it & can't wait for the new albums!!

  • Joanna our bud in the sand

  • Watch George Jones & Randy Travis. 1991. That made my tires burn rubber, love you man

  • Very well DELIVERED!

  • Man, what an artist, love it.

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • All way from Quebec Canada.I love your music, this one is my favorite.💙🤍

  • Beautiful song ,Eric!

  • Greatest gift ever love that band

  • The Choir knows but sadly many will never get to realize this man’s talent. He’s a modern day Springsteen, once in a lifetime artist! Does not have one bad song, not a one.

    • I meant to say, as much as Bruce is a great artist in his own right, combine him with the E Street band and you are in musical heaven. Likewise with Eric, an exceptional artist in his own right, but add in his backing musicians, especially Joanna and you are taken to another musical level.

    • Ironically as a huge fan of the Boss it was Eric`s "Springsteen" being played on the UK`s Country Hits radio station that alerted to me to how good Eric was. That is such a clever song, not actually about Bruce, but loaded with references to songs that Bruce has made. I see so many of the qualities I love in the music that the Boss produces in Eric`s work. These kind of artists only come along rarely and have to be enjoyed whilst we have them. Sadly, in the UK anyway, Eric is very much an under the radar artist, known only to fans of country music. I hope when the Covid thing is over and everything settles back to some form of normality he may tour the UK and even better Scotland.

    • Thanks for putting to words why I dig this Cat so much. I'm a Springsteen fanatic since about 81'. And I should have seen that. BTW, 'Crazyland' is one of the most brilliant songs/stories I've ever heard.

  • Dat Dude is money with words and Music and his players behind him Amazing

  • Loving these studio videos and their simplicity. No unnecessary BS.

  • You. Just. Heard. A•MĀZ•ing•ness At. It's. Church‐est!!! Sincerely thankful in the Ozarks, ♡- Holder of a pair of hearts

  • Pure magic. Eric, you are a poet bringing country music back to singing about life today and of the lives of those who listen. Thank you.

  • I love this song. His voice is amazing and the songs he sings reach my heart.

  • This man see's the world in such a great way he has inspired alot of other artist its like the normal person can relate to so we'll , his dreams are.the Thank you for making my life and others better through you music 👍

  • A man who can write songs that is relatable to the man who has nothing.

  • I’d sure like to see him live ‼️

  • 142 people are messed up in what they listen to this is an amazing song

  • Raybanz are gay af

  • It has been a long time since lyrics and sound, has entered every part of me internally 💞 thank you Eric Church

  • My Friend needing help X dam Fools you Worth 1 ass!🌎

  • Trying help people! X who hell do you help know one your Worth 1

  • I have friend named with last name Ray and I help him but Xbox told lies about me your Worth 1 Dollar!🌎

  • I love ray bans.😎

  • This guy is an absolute musical magician 🎶 Keep killin it EC!!

  • Joanna deserves a solo career, but she and Eric sound SO good together. He must treat his band well because there never seems to be any turnover.

    • @Joanne Kenny lol

    • SHE IS INCREDIBLE. Mixed Drinks & Feelings got me hooked on her!

    • If I was in Erics band he could literally shit on my shoe and I still wouldn't leave!!!

  • Wow I love every song that he does man oh man keep them coming

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  • 👏👏👏😍

  • God, last year I got Tickets to see this guy at a concert, and it has been the best concert of my life. Every time I hear your music the world freezes. Stick it to the man, and keep bringing us the country. Your on such a higher level then any other pop, country or rock artists. Cant wait for a new album. Keep it coming Cheif! Were all here to hear you bring it back!

  • The guy is just pure class , does his own thing and to hell with what people think, watta songwriter too

  • What can I say? Pure talent at its best.

  • Hey Eric. Could you maybe put a hallelujah cover on youtube for us?

  • Eric Church=Real Life Music. A rarity in the music industry these days.

  • I could listen to this dude all day long, thank you sir.

  • Iv been lisning to Eric church sence his first Album theres just something about his music that touches the soul

  • Hey, my fellow buddies, he is not wearing his RAY BANS!

  • Awesome work...

  • Me encanta escuchar sus canciones desde argentina en mi ❤❤

  • The man

  • Eric is evil

  • Erick is just one more Hollywood false prophet. Trying to lead you sheeple astray. He is as anti American as they come. He believes in taking our God given rights and guns away, just like Tim, faith, Willie and Taylor. Piss on Hollywood pretenders he is a false prophet beware!!!


  • Beautiful let's help all children today and family God bless help abuse help addiction save our children please stay safe from coronavirus bless you and family 12 2020

  • Everybody needs to listen to this and remember who we really are. Much love, man. Take 'em to Church!

    • Thanks for your love and support I'll love to talk to you more better.kindly send a direct message (678) 384-9088

  • I'll buy what your selling when you gimme some money's honeys

  • I've sit with alil pot buzz and just listened and watch this man sing. Got to tell yeah, he's amazing as a singer but to watch him let the song take him away it's a pleasure to behold. Keep it up Chief !

  • Holy Cow!! You are a poet genius. This is how many of us feel this year - - - we don’t give a damm. Ty!!