Eric Church - Stagecoach Video Performance

Joylandi 6-May, 2020
The official Eric Church Stagecouch performance
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Music video by Eric Church performing Stagecoach Video Performance. © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • My favorite artist Eric Church. Haven't heard a bad song from you yet. Your music hits home to me. 💯

  • Thank you Eric I woke up earlier today and i started playing your songs for the mood I was in and just got back to your music to find this just now, thank you sir

  • he is sexy hot and adorable to ever think that I would be fortunate enough to see him in concer . His band is so beautiful God bless all of them

  • That's a weird way of saying nothing guy's 😉❣️. Yeah, I'm me though.

  • Keep Holding Strong. Thank U so much for sharing💪💛💜💛❤

  • Yee Haw. Thank U💛💜💛

  • I understand💛💜💛

  • Well sang. Thank U!

  • Thank you 🙏 for all you’ve done for the world! Music is everything! You helped save this KY girls life...💕and I’ve still never got to see you in concert.. maybe one of these days!✌️

  • Kills it, Love me some Church! Keep it going brother

  • I have loved the Chief since How bout you.So talented and real.

  • Lyric, vocal, and musical genius....."The Chief"-Eric Church.....dedicated to the craft!!!

  • AWESOME... JENNY... 🎀❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋

  • Made my night!

  • Sounds great, even in quarantine! ❤

  • Man I've always really loved that beginning lyric!! "Turn the quiet up, turn the Noise down" lol so good!!

  • SEXY AF!!

  • Is Jenny's phone number 867-5309? Just joking!

  • Anybody got the tabs for how he played smoke a little smoke on this occasion?

  • Let us pray that by May 2021 we can finally enjoy your music again in person!! #USTOOEnough Morning Dove.

  • Sorry thought u we're someone else

  • That did alot of protecting me right

  • Love love Love!!!

  • Picking that guitar good tooooo

  • Damn your voice sounds so crisp. GREAT SINGING

  • You are amazing!!!!

  • Love it !!! Intertainer of the year !!! Bought damn time !! Cheers to you !! Should of got it last year!!

  • Thank you for doing this!! Love it ❤ Merry Christmas 🎄❤⭐ to you, and your family. Looking forward to hugs 🤗 and lovin' again 🎵

  • I know I probably don't know what I know.. Danced with my son on his wedding day .. every word I could say to him.. Thank you ❤️

  • Eric Church, I have to say man, You are speaking to me with your songs man. So many of your words I can relate too. I just wanna say THANK YOU DUDE you dont know what your tunes have done and your tunes have been through the trenches with me. If I were to be rushed out of my house and only had time to grab a few things, it would be my kids and my Eric Church Playlist. I guess I could make room for the ol lady too but we'll see. Thanks man honestly your greatest is amazing

  • You rock i went to your concer last year

  • Thanks so much eric church

  • Where can i listen full song come on Ginny

  • Love

  • Love it

  • Come on jenny is a very nice song. it's new song. Waiting for it..

  • Very cool... you have balls... to show the way you really sound... and you sound fucking great 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍 👌 👍peace and love... .Jesse Nashville James... you're earned my respect...

  • WOW! I can see your eyes!

  • Love your music..ty🍺

  • 💙Jenny

  • Your a winner. I hope things work out for you and the lady your talking about!

  • God your so awesome, and handsome man .

  • Thank you.🙏🏻

  • I’m in love🥰🥰🥰

  • That's all we need...Eric and his guitar. Oh my gosh, those brown eyes. I respect his talent, his generosity toward his fans, the family man that he is, the smart business man he is...could go on and on. We LOVE him!

  • I can't wait til things open up, Hubby and I buying tickets to see him again! Best artist with the most heart! True talent.

  • Thank you! We love you!

  • God Bless you Eric Church, your music has gotten me through , well everything... It feels like you wrote every song just for me. My old pickup truck has 6 CD slots and your in every slot! I'm really not sure what I will do for future albums because I want them all in there! Just know your awesome and your band as well! Love Y'all

  • Love 💕

  • That was AMAZING! I can't stop watching it.

  • Thanks Chief!

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you for this. miss your signature ray bans.

  • This is the essence of honest country, not singing about "my daddy's tractor" and corn on the cob.

  • Wow

  • this is the stuff I like to here from artist thanks man its great stuff.

  • Lose half the southern accent . That would be an improvement . Some vocal coaching .

  • Like the beard! And your eyes are so nice. There's a wanna be I just tried to listen too. Nooo. I thought, u need that band! That band is half of Eric's charm. That one somg sounds like the word is 'Summer' Guess up know it does. Ha!Not. U r fine even standing alone. Thank you!

  • Thank you!

  • Love the song Some Of It!! Heart rentching..

  • Never really realized Erics talent until listening to this acoustic set and I totally and instantly fell in love with his music! WOW!! Love this!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thanks Eric God bless youall there. Big hug gary from rochester NY.

  • Eric I just love you and your music. When I was little I always listened to your music, I'm just getting a pretty good feeling of nostalgia just love your music keep it up :)

  • I love some Eric Church !!!

  • Like to have front row

  • Play Wheelwagon

  • I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One thing the banksters of the world can't take from us is good ol church! If all else fails your music will play in my mind forever! Thanks brother hope to see you live again!

  • Love fiance passed away 3yrs ago he looked exactly like Eric..when he came home from work would pull his guitar out and play for me .

  • This video made me cry. Absolutely wonderful I love 💘 his music.


  • I freaking love this guy!

  • Eric's the man ! No B.S !! Just a talented dude n a guitar!

  • If i could like this a billion times I would. That voice just soothes my soul. Keep doing what you do ❤

  • Great stuff! Honnest, direct, courageous... no filter.

  • You suck!

  • My friend is turning me on to Eric tonight and I might already be in love. That was fast.

  • cool to see him play. saw him live and while he always had a guitar on him he hardly played bc his band kicks ass and he put on one hell of a show...slightly different side of him and I love it

  • A country music Jesus like me🙏💜💜💜🎵

  • Mfr is why I like 'country music' I call bs Eric church is is Eric Kenneth fuckin church fro goddamn granite falls deeal with the awesomeness to hats up to you... ♥️You dude

  • That was thoroughly enjoyable, thank you!!

  • Blessings to you and your family, Glad you won. God bless the county of the USA,, my country Mrs Mike ✝️✝️✝️

  • Reminds me of some of the intimate shows from your early days, Eric, Guitar, Stool.... Great stuff!

  • What a performance

  • Jenny! That was bad ass! Good guitar playing.

  • Absolutely beautiful Eric 💙 You are a wonderful artist and song writer. Can not wait to see you Live after COVID. You are one of a kind with a beautiful, raw voice and amazing lyrics! 🇺🇸

  • AWESOME ERIC!! If you haven't already - share with us one of our writing sessions!!? Do you do all of your own writing or is it a group thing!?... how do you match lyrics with music... which comes first. Whats your favorite place/way to write!!?? Just a thot for a video - since we all have a little more time these days - maybe!!?? Thanks for sharing with all of us! G R E A T Music Eric! Can't wait to hear the next ones!! be a fly on the wall during writing or recording!! Two Thumbs up!


  • I really loved Mr. Ms.UNDERSTOOD? THAT KICKED A--.❤Thank you for sharing!MUCH APPRECIATED ❤

  • As a “27-yr-old”m person who has been on this planet 52 years... What happened, okay, I’m 34??? I feel the age of Eric Church, and he is a BABY! Damn,.

  • My wife and I saw Eric open for Bob Seger years ago, we both said wow he’s gonna be a headliner real soon. We’ve seen him several times since , he just keeps getting better!!! On another note I could see him and Travis Tritt making some great music together.

  • Couch that to funny

  • Just raw talent folks.....thanks for the stagecoach teaser!!!

  • 💜💜💜

  • Oh my 💜


  • I agree an acustic album needs to happen!!!!! This was an awesome amazing show!!!!!! I say some of the things in my shows ......... just not as smooth lol. Great job brother!!!!

  • So good! Wow! Love his music and how real he is.

  • The lyrics this guy comes up with. TALENT