Eric Church - Stick That In Your Country Song (Official Lyric Video)

Joylandi 25-Iyn, 2020
The official lyric video for Eric Church’s Stick That In Your Country Song.

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Music video by Eric Church performing Stick That In Your Country Song (Lyric Video). © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Ontario was on the brink of becoming a full on police state, but we the people stood up to it. We fought back until they listened. Damn, I'm proud of you guys. We fought, we won, and we will keep fighting if we have to. Don't stop guys, this is what needs to be done. Blue, red, orange or green, we unite to show them what's right!

  • Awesome 👏 song 🎶

  • AGENDA 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Black!0LikeMe

  • My 8the grade teacher loves this song and I have to say that teachers are not treated with the respect they deserve at my school

  • I Believe in Actual Country music not that dum Pop Country!!

  • i love this song, just hope he's not talking about the blm BS with the fist

  • I'm so emotionally numb then this shit gets me feeling something urrrr perfection

  • ❤❤❤

  • amazing song...challenging other artists to make music with some substance, i love it

  • So is his last name really Church? Or is it Church because Eric be preaching true country music?😂😂🔥❤

  • I'm i the only one thinking that with the Woman's vocals in the background and the tone of the song it feels like a Modern Day Country Rock version of "Gimme Shelter"?

  • What? Real life country music WTF no way. Not fake ass bullshit country. Hell yeah 🤘🤘. Thank you Eric Church🤘🤘.

  • hell yes, this gorgeous song Black Lives Matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He lost a friend inside his hands would have been a better lyric

  • I amagen that this was the words of someones music tuder

  • What i love about this man....DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES !

  • DARE YOU !

  • I will say it again ...our GENERATION JOHNNY CASH ! PLEASE CHALLENGE ME !

  • Stick this in your country song I’m a pissed off American because of all this voter fraud

  • I don't like country music but this just hits right. Every lyric is correct. Black Lives Matter🖤🤟🏻

  • Love this song too another awesome song thanks awesome

  • He is one of the best singer

  • You could create an entire sub genre of country songs shitting on todays "country" music thats played on "country" radio. And I would listen to it all day long.

  • Another truly inspirational song from The America's story teller. Thank you for inspiring this Grey Wolf to continue to write, thebreeze

  • Thanks for uploading! We're fellow country music fans, and write our own original country tunes. Stop by our page and let us know what you think! Don't go too hard on us :)

  • YAY YOU DID IT !!!!😄💝 congratulations on the entertainer of the year award at tonight's cma's you deserve it.

  • journey to number 1

  • It's sad, sometimes it's hard to feel American. How can I be proud of a nation that is corrupt, genocided entire cultures, gets involved in wars we don't belong in, and has a self righteousness about it all. I like Eric Church, he spits some hard truth in his songs that most will probably never hear. Then he sings about inner city youth, veterans, and teachers who are hardly appreciated trying to survive in a chaotic nation.

  • I don't really like country music, but this is the exception

  • The one thousand people that disliked this must of voted for Biden.

  • This needed to be said. Thank you

  • love this song

  • Alabama loves you Eric! 💜💜💜you can do no wrong here!

  • This is real country. Real country is about speaking the truth even against the “norms”. Eric Church understands that with this song and criticizes the rest of country music at the same time

  • This song gives me mad chills.

  • Glad I heard this over the radio at work. I may be an 80s glam metal mega fan by heart, but this song brings out my country personality. This song got me into country. This is very powerful. Great lyrics. Great vocals. Great message. Love blasting this while driving. Kudos to you Eric!

  • That’s fact one of the best

  • Hi again this is one of my favorites actually allow them when I was little I would love to sing drink in my hand

  • Eric needs to do a cover of Red Bones " We we're all wounded at wounded knee"

  • Whoever thumbs down this video forgot to turn on their music

  • I feel like you were in the movie Outsiders

  • Being a young 19 year old girl thinking of possibly going into Early Childhood I LOVE the last part about the teacher "Trying to change a life or two" "Overworked and Underpaid" YESSSS Eric Church you did it again!!!!

    • Thanks for loving and listening to my music I would love to know you more if you dont mind dear

  • I like how he sings about the protests and his political beliefs even though I don’t agree with them I respect him and his music

  • and THIS is why Country is easily in the Top 3 of best music genres


  • They want you to be blue or red. We are more dangerous when we all come together and ask for solutions, force them to reach across the aisle, stop pointing fingers and do their jobs. Don't fall for hating your fellow man, help them up and stand together to ask for real help for all.

  • Now this is country music! 900+ Democrats disliked it 😂

  • Jesus Loves You

  • Great song

  • I'm not a country fan..but I love this song!

  • He reminds me of Bobby from Supernatural lol

  • An angry country song taking on the issues of today’s world. It’s an uncommon thing and it’s amazing

  • I’m pissed the words aren’t right, but love this song. ♥️

  • Dang. Chill bumps everytime. Truth spoken #church

  • Why is this not trending????????

  • He took us to church

  • love it


    • Yikes, sounds a little racist that you're THAT mad about it

  • A country song and a man with guts to speak the truth. She’s underpaid, she’s overworked

  • Jails full factorys empty

  • Good song!

  • Tired of pretty boys singing pretty songs. This is REAL

  • Yess. Eric church is finally back!! I remember him from his first album carolina. I love your love the most... great song all in itself. But after the las vegas shootings??? He's become a man possessed just like anyone whos been thru that should be..... Mr. Church kick the world's fucking ass for the truth is just a thought away. Beautiful song..

  • It's about time someone stepped up I knew it would be him.

  • I go around blasting this song, with the windows down in my Jeep around the protesters, just to make them mad. Not that I’m against protesting, but to encourage, people and state my mind. I’ve gotten so many middle fingers, but it’s totally worth it.

  • Love how this is a subtle slap in the face to other artists.

  • Eric Church gets teachers!

  • Vote Red

  • Interesting how the cities he picked are all democrate run cities. Very telling.

  • Stick this one up your Nashville. Obamas Amerika is OVER. We are bigger and strongerthan you thought. Fists up

  • Damm!!! I love his Outlaw music

  • Saw him tonight do this at the vma's brilliant song

    • Thanks for loving and listening to my music I would love to know you more if you dont mind dear

  • Stick around and get ready for the next few

  • Country music is under attacked. It's up to us. It's up to the chief. I don't want the world to think I'm what Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood sing about. I want them to know I'm angry as a son of a bitch and I'm ready to fight for a country where we all talk it out and figure it out. I won't fall for this corporate bullshit. BLOW THE SPEAKERS RIGHT OUT OF THIS CAR. WAKE UP, WE GOT WORK TO DO Y'ALL.

  • Love the song and what it’s about!

  • My dad loves this song alot he heard it yesterday on the radio and now he loves it

  • Preach. The inner city’s are garbage and need to be saved. The democrats need to be voted out. They are the ones responsible for the deterioration of our great American city’s.

  • amazing! Johnny would be proud!

  • i like florida jeorga line better. this is hate speach. if your reading the bottom of this comment you gave it more of a chance than i ever would have. i’d have disliked it as soon as i saw it. god i love this music.

  • Not many country songs out there without the words “beer” and “her”/“she” in the song. Except for this dude right here!!

    • Jack Scimone I would say that it isn't used like most country songs are used

    • Or religion. Like every country song mentions going to Church or Jesus. It's like jeez dude, believe what you want, but there's more concerning things to sing about, the truth about real issues. I love this guys music, it's different and it gets me fired up better than any country song,

    • I'm a little confused because her and she are in this song

  • Not my thing. There are plenty of kick butt country songs that speak of injustice and the downtrodden. Most don’t get radio time due to being politically incorrect.

  • Best song, thank you. Im always excited when Eric brings out new music but this song is exceptional.

  • Republican or democrat if you don't get this song then your part of the problem ERIC CHURCH SPEAKIN THE TRUTH

  • Eric, you made every teacher you ever had proud of you with this song. And not just for the shout out, but for speaking up on important social issues.

  • You can feel what he is singing

  • 🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸🎸

  • Eric church just called out country music lol

  • You're the best!

  • Listed to this yesterday for the first time all i can say is wow man just awsome

  • Does this song have a liberal, left-wing slant? I sure hope I am hearing it wrong.

  • Seriously never would have thought such a hard hitting, red blooded rock song could put a tear in my eye. Only Church, his passion comes through so strong you have no choice but to feel it with him. That's music.

  • Go to 1:31 to see a BLM fist , then read what the lyrics say on the screen.

  • Best song I’ve heard all year. Joanna, your vocals are incredible!

    • Thanks for loving and listening to my music I would love to know you more if you dont mind dear

  • Merica!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • As a teacher... thank you Eric!

  • L00king for Xmas music

  • Wow this is great George strait appreciates how much u have done for the country music genre

  • I don’t really care for this song. It speaks truth about what’s going on in these cities which are run by liberals and btw Trump made black, Hispanic, and women’s unemployment at an all time low but racism is rare and most of it is made up because it’s election year. I prefer country music that’s all about loving your country and being proud to live in the best country on earth

    • Did you really just say racism is rare? Do you live under a rock?

  • I heard this on the radio tonight and said, wait, what? Go Eric Church! Great recording and video!