Eric Church - Bad Mother Trucker (Official Lyric Video)

Joylandi 31-Iyl, 2020
The official lyric video for Eric Church’s Bad Mother Trucker.

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  • You know, i wanna see a music video of this song,

  • We need more trucker songs. As a trucker, the trucking industry doesn't get the recognition it deserves anymore.

  • This needs a music video

  • Eric Church , is heads above everyone else on this album...

  • Eric Church is a bad mother trucker baby!

  • King DADDY!!!! I love you and your family to the moon and back. This is a bad mofo song!!!! Reminds me of this girl I know..... Sounds just like her lmao!!! Keep em coming!!!! Cant wait to see you!

  • ❤❤❤

  • love it

  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's me, Little Red

  • Omgoodness! I’m totally diggin this song!!!

  • This is what i am thank u god the road is not easy especially being a woman eric said it best proof is pudding especially leave ing them in the dust safely until they pull up an see a woman

  • Ok I love eric church, who ever did the images, thank you for getting ABQ skyline in there.

  • Dumbest song ever.


  • Thank you for singing this from all the mother truckers out here!

  • Mr. Eric Church just cant do anything wrong. Love it!!!

  • 🤭😘😇🌞🍎🦋🌈

  • Chief ROCKS!!!!! The man that HUNG MY MOON 🌙!!!! Stick that!!!!

  • Should be #rockmiusic. He can cry about Garth winning EOTY but Garth also had a better trucker song.

  • Dangerous song. Can cause vehicular acceleration followed the issuance of traffic citations.

  • 40 year old moms: omg this song is so good ahhh

  • This one is gonna have to grow on me like the older church stuff

  • Love this..the beat is excellent

  • Yes she was your mom is a very good woman

  • This is the best song jammin on it every morning. Long live the Chief

  • Is it my imagination, or is the new Eric Church album just gonna kick everybody’s ass all over gods green earth?

  • Nice

  • It doesn't seem to be the norm for him, but still love it it's got a great little rhythm to it...and lifts up the truckers of America, in particular, the women. Just sad the bad mother trucker wasnt in a Freighliner lol. Thats what I build. Either way-wooo! Keep America rollin truckers, and keep 'em comin Eric, and most of all, keep heart America! Btw Eric could you say a prayer for a young lady named Amber, shes been doin rough, and she's been a very devout fan of yours since the beginning. I wish she'd straighten up. She's the reason i discovered you...sorry but i started a fan of the Boss, and crossed over to the Chief. Sincerely, your fan Josh from Gaston.

  • I really like all of Church's catalog but this is down there at the bottom of my list to be honest. The story telling is good and production is amazing but it's just not doing a lot for me.

  • Always love seeing the Eric church trucks in the truck stop

  • Poser

  • Loved this Bad Mother Trucker!!👌🏻👌🏻🇨🇦

  • Turnin heads without even tryin 🔥⚡⚡🇨🇦

  • You go this song too...😊🎶🎸🎵❤️

  • Love everything he does!

  • Garbage af.. what the hell happened to the chief?! One garbage song after another lately..

  • I like the song

  • Keep on truckin', Mr Church!

  • I liked the lyric better when I thought he was spelling it wrong lol. "R-E-S-P-C-T" Still love this one though!

    • I think the E gets sung into the P. Since saying P ends in an E sound whereas saying E is exactly what the E sounds like. So sung fast it blends together.

    • I think he does say RESPCT. It's a better lyric that way.

  • He's released better

  • Eric Fucking Church!! Keep doing your thing

  • Any news on album release anytime soon? He is simply the best there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @countrygirl countrymusiclover incorrect. "Best" is all based on opinion, so you cant say what he is or isnt while telling someone else their opinion on the matter is wrong. Personally id put him in the top 10. Right up with the likes of luke combs, alan jackson, and brantley gilbert. But thats just my opinion.

  • I love the groove on this one. Love the songwriting skills!!!

  • ♡♡

  • Good job