Eric Church - Stick That In Your Country Song (In Studio Performance)

Joylandi 15-Iyl, 2020
The official studio video for Eric Church’s Stick That In Your Country Song.
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  • Wow! Church is a new Bob Dylan for this generation, whether he writes the song or not. "Stick That in Your Country Song" is a song written by Jeffrey Steele and Davis Naish, and recorded by American country music artist Eric Church. It was released on June 25, 2020 as the lead single for Church's seventh studio album Heart.[2][3] It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance." more:

  • Damn I felt that

  • Did he make this song to look "woke" or to produce the best sound he can. Love the song but it borders on the edge of making a song that you feel will sale vs. one that comes from the heart.

  • Hopefully things change when I get out of college and start teaching. This man is the voice of the voiceless, I wish I could shake his hand

  • It's crazy Eric Church has only just over 700,000 subs on his channel. Come on people you are missing out! He's going to hit the top with this new album for sure. He also has so many other 🔥songs before this one.

  • One of the best songs this year 2020

  • From North Carolina... Me too

  • Hell Yeah... Love it Keep it coming

  • He is the BEST that ever come along

  • I love this song everything great💖

  • Kid lost his way family farm died,all he wanted can't get it because he knows too much, he's too expensive. STICK THAT IN YOUR COUNTRY SONG.

  • One rocking tune right there

  • This song is for the Federal Government, never forget where you come from.. I will never RIP 🙏

  • My king of country music

  • People you must listen to this song

  • I absolutely love this song. Thank the gods for cruise control, this song makes me want to drive fast. Eric Church, you, Sir, are an amazing artist

  • Country Bad Boy rocking!

  • The Old Poser

  • Once this song gets in my head it stays there and keeps me awake. THATS POWERFUL

  • He is a good lookin' man with good country music. He is one of the best!!!

  • I love this song so much and I’ve always been a huge Eric church fan!

  • He and his band just keep gettin better! What talent..what voices..I really FEEL him..he does put his heart n soul into the music..the whole band does. 💗💗💗💖💖

  • Best song in 2021 thank you Eric Church

  • Waylon revived !!! Love this man and his music !!!!

  • Eric puts it all out there. Love his truth. Thank you Eric.

  • Brilliant

  • Best backup singer in the business.

  • Musicians have a voice, a strong VOICE. Never, EVER underestimate YOUR VOICE. JoAnna, you are the soul to this train! OUR COUNTRY needs YOU!

    • Thank you so much I sincerely hope you never stop listening to my music 🎶❤️

  • Hard rock country super sick thank you brothers

  • If this song don’t get you fired the fuck up to prove someone wrong or whoop some ass you ain’t got a fighting bone in your damn body. Eric church keep on brother

  • Kids should ALWAYS come first. And my family has instilled good heart and manners in me but I miss them and wishing they understand how proud I came from a group of the most dysfunctional people but none of us ever HAD TO TAKE we are DOERS because when you choose to share what your heart knows is right HARD TIMES AND BULLSHIT WILL EVENTUALLY DISAPPEAR

  • As a teacher it’s so nice to feel heard and represented. Especially in a killer song like this one!

    • Thanks for taking care of our kids. God bless. I love our good teachers

    • I could not agree more. I give your comment an A+ with “Good work, keep it up!” written on the top in red ink. Many of us owe our lives to our childhood educators. Thank you!!!

    • I would rather go Back to Iraq then Teach.... Y'all are amazing people!!! Thank you and every teacher!!!

    • Thank you Karen. For helping carve our future

    • Bless your heart Karin Hammarlund...teachers are overworked and underpaid! My Aunt was a teacher for 40 years. Yall rock.

  • This song is everything!! All of the people who decided to give it a thumbs down, wake up nobody cares you have no musical taste and your wives are probably cheating on you with real men.

  • I cant listen to endless like all ur songs

  • Thank you man I'm A Peoples Man For This . Lol

  • LYRICS: Take me on up to Detroit city Jails are full, the factories empty Momma's crying, young boys dying Under that red, white, and blue still flying Drop me off in Baltimore Where every other window's got a plywood board Where dreams become drugs and guns The only way out is to shoot or run Stick that in your country song, yeah Take that one to number one, yeah And get the whole world singing along, yeah Stick that in your country song, yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Sing about the man coming back from war 23 going on 54 He lost a friend, his sight, his hands Baby girl he'll never see again Stick that in your country song, yeah Take that one to number one, yeah And get the whole world singing along, man Stick that in your country song, yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I light the arrow, pull the bow Shoot that fire right through my soul Hit my pride, fist up high I wanna feel the rush, I wanna feel alive C'mon, I wanna pound the dash Stomp the gas, drive too fast Rock me hard, stop my heart And blow the speakers right out of this car Stick that in your country song, yeah Take that one to number one, yeah (number one) And get the whole world singing along, man Stick that in your country song, yeah Stick that in your country song Take that one to number one I could sing this all night long, yeah Stick that in your country song, yeah Gimme one about the teacher who's Tryin' to change a life or two She'll be rocking out all night with you Tomorrow she'll back in a red brick school Where kids are climbing off the walls It's scary walking down the halls She's underpaid, she's overworked Come on man, shout one out to her Stick that in your country song, c'mon Take that one to number one, yeah And get the whole world singing along Stick that in your country song Stick that in your country song Take that one to number one And get the whole world singing along, man Stick that in your country song, yeah Yeah (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) Stick that in your country song, yeah (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) And get the whole world singing along (singing along) (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) Stick that in a country song (Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

  • Amazing artist

  • This man is amazing pure amazing

  • I think that backup singer needs some serious credit! She killed it!!!

  • Great song,, Eric Church you the man. No idea what her name is but that pretty Lady you have singing with you could go solo!! My goodness what a voice !!

  • True inspiration is eric church the one man there all along stayed true to himself and true to who he is. The dark horse I tip my hat to you

  • Don't know if it is country, but, I sure do love it, whatever it is.

  • Listen to this song you can understand what he's saying

  • When my dad showed me this song I thought I was in heaven. His voice is the best thing ever.

  • Eric church is kicking ass this year ...AMAZING !! Wright them songs it!!💥

  • Eric Church you're one of my favorite country 🎙singers, I like how she yelled #1!

  • Stick that in your country song 😎

  • Fuck....yes

  • Brad paisley ain't got anything on me . God bless

  • ♥️🇺🇸🥰😂🧁🎉🤣♥️👏❤️

  • One of the most underrated artists and one of the best country songs!

  • POWERFUL!!! Eric Church is bad a$$. And WOW, her voice!

  • Greatest honest singer in country music to date!

  • Thank you.

  • This isn’t rap we don’t wanna hear that

  • love this song

  • Love this song. Stand for something or fall for anything. Amazing.

  • Invcredibly jarring

  • Damn I love me some Eric Church. Entertainer Of The Year, Eric Church💀✌

  • Hood i morgen tidlig så det kan jeg godt forstå dig i dag er en lille guide to her i dag og the stars i am Going to her kostume og glo i am Going to her kostume og the stars

  • Best backup singer ever!!

  • it!!!!!

  • 100% fake garbage country. Guy needs a real kick in his phoney ass.

  • I love emotion, the passion in this

  • I am just blown away by the power of this song and the singer, the courage and passion of the message here. This is country at its best. and I am now an Eric Church fan.

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  • 'V

  • I have this song on my playlist .. Eric church is one of my favorites

  • Eric Church was one of the best and most memorable concerts I have ever been to. He plays with heart and soul, not a corporate sellout.

  • Ya keep going strong Chief. The Universe needs ya.

  • Finally. An fn Eric Chief Church cut.

  • Keep it bro, bring real country back!!!

  • Thanks church

  • Wow ! The church crew rises up and the south does it again !! C.D.B. is up there smiling!!

  • Never short of amazing on that guitar! #1

  • I bet his producer is sitting there thinking this dude is f'n amazing

  • This song hits me hard in the heart strings and makes me smile. Right wing, left wing, black, white or brown, male or female, just love care about people. Damn i keep hitting replay. Cheers to you Mr Misunderstood.

  • Eric churcg

  • Hell Yeah Chief! Thank God there's still real Country Music coming outta Nashville!

  • Breathe in..hold... exhale...mmm

  • Hands down Best real country singer the dude can sing Anything

  • Awesome song 🎶 Eric Church is an Amazing 😻 singer and song writer!! ❤️

  • Hope little Eric and the rest of the band doesn't ever need a cop

  • This is what happens when an artist refuses to bend for the label!! Keep em coming Chief!!

  • Stick your thumbs down in your ....

  • 👏👏👏🙂❤❤

  • This is music!!!! the feels!!!

  • Fabulous artist Love Eric Church !!!

  • Grit with no sugar coating on it

  • Wish the radio would play this song!

  • Song earned my respect...he is talking about all the fake ass people that just throw their words and lyrics around trying to get that hit....stick that in your country song, take that one to number one....respect earned Eric.

  • This song gets me pump up

  • How many teachers have been convicted of having sex with their students seems like that has been on the rise for last 8 years

  • Great song. Love to feel chills from a song again. The Chief rules, and I don't care for most country songs.

  • I'd love to see a music video for this song one day

  • You are a boss

  • Hot damn this son has a TON of emotion in it! I love this!

  • Modern day "Man in Black" right here

  • My fav!!!

  • I seriously want to know who can Possibly thumbs down this song? Tell me how on a musical level? Intellectual level? Social level? Honest level? Pure talent level. Explain to me thumbs downers. Truly curious.

  • Atlanta is worse - they don't chop off heads in Detroit or Baltimore

    • every country song is better than this one

    • this song is lame

    • Insulting northern folks is not good country